Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Sampling of the Greek-Oriented Media's Interest in My Greece-Based Novels.

Mykonos Confidential

I made a promise on my website to provide examples of the sort of attention my Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis novels have received from the Greek press. I struggled over much of the weekend trying to scrounge up what I could from my archives.  I quickly learned that much of what I’m looking for is back in the US on my desktop, not here on Mykonos on my laptop. :(.  Oh why, oh why didn’t I know of Dropbox sooner? 

No matter, there’s more than enough flashy media coverage here for your eyes to glaze over into porcelain, though some might want to hang on for the (relatively) sexy stuff at the end.

By the way, if you’re having trouble reading most of what follows, there’s nothing wrong with your eyes; it’s because it’s in Greek.

So, please consider this a “promise keeping post,” and not one intended to set a precedent for Blatant Self Promotion.   I’ll get into the crazier stuff next time.

Here they are...

NITRO Magazine
Athens Voice
Odyssey Magazine
The Greek Star
NITRO Magazine
L'Officiel Hommes

Athens Plus
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Esquire Magazine
Athens Magazine
The Greek Star
Mykonos Confidential
OK Magazine



Everett Kaser said...

Looking (it's all Greek to me...) at the Athens Voice, the question must be asked: why are there no bare-breasted women on the covers of YOUR books? Think how many more copies you might sell!

Jeffrey Siger said...

Thanks, EvKa for raising my consciousness. I shall at once stop working on Kaldis #7 and race to one of Mykonos' more notorious beaches for cover(less)inspiration!