Friday, August 29, 2014

A Post from the Siger Who Taught Me Everything I Know.

Well, almost everything. Some things just sprung fully formed from the years before he was born. 

Sound confused?  Well, this should clarify a lot of things.  Here is a link to an essay that appeared yesterday in Men's Health magazine titled, "I Was a Weekend Carny."

The tag line introduction is, "There is a hell on earth, and it's filled with bounce houses, corn dog vomit, and killers on the lam who don't like the way you're looking at their girl."

And the author of that piece is none other than my son, Jonathan Siger.  It's really funny, just like he is.

--Proud Pappy Jeff


Everett Kaser said...

Most excellent! Obviously writing runs in your family, and you SHOULD be a Proud Pappy. Silly Proud. Well, at least Silly.

Jeffrey Siger said...

Thanks, EvKa, and I am...on all your points. :)