Monday, September 8, 2014

Stormy Skies over Mykonos

Photo by Mihalis Fiorentinos

No, folks, I'm not talking politics this time. Yes, the new mayor and city council convened on Sunday to chose the island's operating officers but there was no lightening or thunder there. Or so I understand.  Here are the grim faces of the leaders of Mykonos as they sat around the council table at their opening session.

Above photos courtesy of

And here is is the scene I confronted when walking out of an appointment I had yesterday at the island's soccer stadium.

Sadly, the promise was not fulfilled with rain. At least not where it mattered for drought parched Mykonos.  Though it did give rise to some great photos at many spots around the island.

In Mykonos town
But there was a silver lining.  We headed off to a beach for lunch in a place that afforded cover should the skies actually deliver. Not sure if you're familiar with Jackie O's on Mykonos, but in addition to it's legendary club in town, Jackie O's has a beautiful restaurant-beach club-bar perched on a rise above Super Paradise.

At Super Paradise Beach

It also boasts one of chicest accessories shops on the island, and what to my wondering eyes should appear when I walked inside but this display of the only books Jackie O's sells!  Friends are nice to have, thank you.

For those of you wondering what books they are...duh...they feature my Greek publisher's covers for my books.

So far, it's been a good week. Puh, puh, puh



Everett Kaser said...

Appointment at a soccer stadium, hmm? Should we deduce that a scene in your new book will be set at a soccer stadium, then? Or are you planning a late run at a career as a "football player?" Lovely photos (as almost always) of Mykonos, and congratulations on being recognized in your second home as their first son! :-)

Jeffrey Siger said...

Why thank you EvKa, for your most appreciated kind (?!) words. Since being cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers I keep looking for other football playing possibilities, but the ball's too round for me here. :)

And yes, it's great having friends, like you!