Thursday, August 7, 2014

I'm Up!

Welcome to my new website. Don’t you just love it! If not, please keep your thoughts to yourself as I don’t want to upset Maddee James, web designer extraordinaire responsible for everything good about my new hangout. For anything bad, blame POTUS. He’s used to that sort of thing.

I plan on having a lot of fun with this blog, getting into matters quite different from what I cover each Saturday on my weekly Murder isEverywhere posts focused on all things Greece, and my 19th of each month blog on the website of my US publisher, Poisoned Pen Press.

I’ll also be posting photos of all sorts of eclectic things, sights, and events.   Like these:

August in Mykonos



Sea captain

Gunnery mate



I guess I should issue a warning:  Sanity is not required for joining in on wherever this blog may journey.  But a sense of humor would be greatly appreciated. J

Bon Voyage to all of us embarking.



Jackie and Joel said...

Well let us be the first to congratulate you on the new blog, website and literary work! Look forward to a fun journey with this venture of yours and will become followers (if I can find the link). Kudos to your web designer!!

meg dobson said...

What a great website! Live you sea captain photo! She's an angel!

Jeffrey Siger said...

Thanks, Jackie, Joel, and Meg. Yes, Meg, I've got great models for my photos:). As for following this blog, Jackie, it's quite simple. At the top of the page under my photo of me under a donkey, choose to subscribe either by email or RSS feed!

Everett Kaser said...

So, if we're seeing the front end of the donkey, which end is holding the book??? Enquiring minds need to know...

Congratulations on the great new look for your website! I hold off on anything about book #6, so that I'll have something to say in October. Besides, I don't want your head to end up like your elbow.

Jeffrey Siger said...

So, glad you tracked me down over here, Everett, as it would be lonely without you trying to make me and my little ass the butt of your jokes.

Thanks on the congrats on the website, and I look forward to your views on "Sons of Sparta." They'll be more meaningful to me than the Starred Review Publishers Weekly is giving it on Monday! Okay, not more meaningful, but important. Uhh, of passing interest. Never mind.:)

Jane Finnis said...

Jeff, what a terrific website. Easy to use, not cluttered, great photos. I'll certainly be keeping an eye on your blog, having had your reassurance that sanity isn't a good luck, and post again soon!

Jeffrey Siger said...

I wrote that, Jane, with you in mind:) Thanks.